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SPG Event

They have duties only on certain events. Generally, the working period is short, ranging between daily, weekly or monthly. Usually can be found in exhibitions, shopping centers, to make launching certain products (Product Launching), Product Promotion, Product Re-branding. Usually SPG Events are also often called SPG Freelance and generally have targets that have been determined and agreed upon.

SPG Reguler/Counter

Has the task of offering brands / products to customers and can generally be found over the counters / outlets / supermarkets and the work period is generally long, ranging from 3 months to 1 year. Their working hours are in accordance with the hours and days that have been determined and agreed upon. They are placed in the counter / outlet / supermarket outlets. In other words, Regular SPGs are generally permanent employees of the Company who are assigned to promote certain products.

SPG Outsourcing

SPG Outsourcing works under agency that provides SPG services to other companies that need sales personnel to promote and sell products/services to their customers. The SPG remain under the auspices of the agency but are only placed in other companies.


Usher has duties as a guest receptionist at events such as auto shows, brand promotions, company gatherings, seminars, government and so on. The task is more or less similar to SPG but generally does not have a sales target.

Brand Ambassador

A Brand Ambassador is a person or group of persons who has the task of promoting a brand of a particular product in the form of a product or service, both nationally and internationally. Generally, Brand Ambassadors are employed by an organization or company, either profit or non-profit, such as organizations under the auspices of the United Nations and other non-profit organizations.


MC also known as the Master of Ceremonies, has the task of hosting the event. They are also often called protocols at the event. They guide and run the rundown at a particular event.


Bridesmaids (Pagar Ayu) has the task of being a guest receptionist at a wedding (Wedding Ceremony. Pagar Ayu and Bridesmaids have different duties and functions, but generally at weddings.​

Caddy Girl

Caddy Girl has the main task as a golf player’s companion. They have the task of helping golf players, from preparing equipment, getting balls, to measuring the course. They must understand the rules of golf on the course.

Umbrella Girl

Consist of young, scantily clad women standing next to a racer on the grid, shielding racer from the sun who has the task of providing an umbrella for racers in motorbike and car races

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