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The possession of the Codrington Plantations by the SPG began to come back under scrutiny in the course of the late 18th century, as the British abolitionist movement started to emerge. The plan was temporarily called off when it was found that the British Army’s Parachute Regiment was on patrol that night in the world. RUC officer John Weir admitted serving to to plan the attack and accused RUC Reserve officer James Mitchell of being the mastermind. In his affidavit, John Weir affirms that the farmhouse was used as a base for UVF operations that included the Dublin and Monaghan bombings. According to submissions obtained by Mr Justice Barron, the Glenanne farm was used to construct and retailer the bombs that exploded in Dublin and Monaghan. 7 March 1976: automotive bomb assault on the Three Star Inn, Castleblayney, County Monaghan. According to Weir, the bomb was to be detonated at Renaghan’s Bar across the border in Clontibret, County Monaghan. Gunmen detonated a bomb within the hallway of Clancy’s Bar, killing three Catholic civilians (Felix Clancy, Sean O’Hagan and Robert McCullough) and injuring many others. 25 July 1976: killing of Catholic civilian Patrick McNeice, shot lifeless at his residence in Ardress, County Armagh. Th​is content w as g enerated wi th the he᠎lp of GSA Conte nt G enerat​or  DE᠎MO.

Gunmen arrived at the pub and shot Catholic civilian Michael McGrath in the street outdoors. 25 February 1977: killing of Catholic RUC officer Joseph Campbell, who was shot useless exterior the RUC base in Cushendall, County Antrim. 19 April 1977: killing of Catholic civilian William Strathearn, a chemist, who was shot lifeless at his store in Ahoghill, County Antrim. They then shot into the close by Eagle Bar, killing a Catholic civilian, Frederick McLaughlin, and wounding a number of others. The HET said the RUC investigation is “cursory, ineffective and even fails to interview the one witness, who survived being shot down”. In response to Weir, the attack was carried out by RUC officer Laurence McClure and UDR soldier Robert McConnell, utilizing explosives offered by UDR Captain John Irwin and stored beforehand at James Mitchell’s farmhouse. RUC SPG officers John Weir and Billy McCaughey have been convicted for the killing. RUC officers William McCaughey, Laurence McClure and Ian Mitchell confessed and had been convicted for the attack, whereas RUC officer David Wilson was convicted for withholding knowledge that the attack was to happen. In accordance with the guide Lethal Allies, the officers had been wearing their police uniforms underneath boiler fits. ​Th​is c᠎ontent w as writt en with t​he help of G᠎SA᠎ C᠎ontent G en᠎erator Demover sion !

UDR soldier Joey Lutton was later convicted of partaking in both attacks.His s tatus as a member of the security forces was withheld from the courts by the police. Sergeant Gary Armstrong and Constable Billy McCaughey, both of the RUC (together with the latter’s father, Alexander McCaughey), were convicted for the kidnapping. Four Catholic civilians – Joseph Kelly, Andrew Small and 13-yr-olds Patrick Bernard and James McCaughey – were killed. Civilian Patrick Mone was killed. 29 February 1980: killing of Catholic civilian Brendan McLaughlin, who was killed in a drive-by-shooting on Clonard Street, Belfast. He was killed with the same Sterling submachine gun used within the Miami Showband, O’Dowd household and Devlin family killings. Catholic civilians Elizabeth McDonald and Gerard McGleenon were killed and others were injured. Ninety minutes later a fourth car bomb exploded in Monaghan, killing another seven civilians. These vehicles exploded virtually concurrently in Dublin’s metropolis centre at about 5.30pm throughout evening rush hour, killing 26 civilians. The report claims they have been positioned onto Robin Jackson’s poultry lorry, driven across the border to a carpark, then activated by Hanna and transferred to a few allotted vehicles. According to Weir, UDR Corporal Robert McConnell was the lead gunman within the Reavey killings and Robin Jackson was the lead gunman within the O’Dowd killings.

a smiling man wearing a headset looking at his computer screen Weir claims that the killers have been alleged RUC Special Branch agent Robin Jackson, RUC officer William McCaughey, and R.J. This was in retaliation for the IRA’s kidnapping and killing of an RUC officer the day earlier than. On 15 August, Weir scouted the route to the pub however was stopped by Gardaí, who informed him they have been mounting further safety because of a warning from the RUC. Weir informed the remainder of the gang they usually decided to assault Keady instead. Weir returned to Belfast the next day and the assault went forward that night, 8 March. 17 March 1976: automotive bomb assault on Hillcrest Bar in Dungannon on Saint Patrick’s Day. Sixteen August 1976: automobile bomb assault on the Step Inn, Keady, County Armagh. 5 June 1976: assault on the Rock Bar near Keady, County Armagh. 18 June 1978: kidnapping of Father Hugh Murphy. Murphy was finally released unharmed after appeals from various Protestant ministers, including Ian Paisley. Locals claimed that the UDR had been patrolling the village for numerous nights beforehand, however had been absent the evening of the attacks. These embrace the ability to redeem rewards for any unsold room, the possibility to switch points to miles and even incomes an additional free evening after several consecutive evening stays.

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