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NAZ Agency was founded in 2018 in Jakarta and is an agency that provides promotional support services to companies that need frontliners for their products, such as Sales Promotion Girls, (SPG), Ushers, Brand Ambassadors or event to support various kinds of activities such as Caddy Girl for golf, Umbrella Girl for circuit race events, Brides Maid, Master of Ceremony (MC), and Models.

Market demand for sales promotion services increases from year to year. Many companies use Sales Promotion Girl (SPG) services not only for marketing purposes, but also for their image of a product, company representative, and even brand ambassador for the company.

NAZ Agency realizes that market needs for promotional services vary, both in terms of industry and products. For example, Sales Promotion personnel in an automotive company are different from Sales Promotion personnel in FMCG and Retail products.

With more than 5000 databases of Sales Promotion personnel (SPG, SPB, Usher, Brand Ambassador, Caddy Girl, Umbrella Girl), and supported by our experienced team, we are confident that the need for Sales Promotion is no longer a challenge for many companies.

  • SPG Event

  • SPG Regular

  • Usher

  • Brand Ambassador

  • Umbrella Girl

  • Caddy Girl

  • MC 

  • Bridesmaids

Jakarta – Bandung – Semarang – Surabaya – Bali – Lombok

Some of Our Advantages

More choices according to the categories and grading system that we have so that we can accurately meet the client’s needs.


Using a cloud-based database and metadata so that appropriate SPG queries or search criteria can be carried out in real time.

Cloud Systems

The cloud system is the back-end of the system owned by NAZ Agency, making it easier for our team to present search criteria from the SPG database to clients anytime and anywhere.


By using the grading system, SPG competencies are arranged hierarchically based on work experience, appearance, achievements, communication skills and product presentation skills


Client needs can be customized as desired

Our Services

SPG Events

SPG who works on events on a temporary basis such as daily, weekly or monthly.


Usher is quite similar to SPG (Sales Promotion Girl). They also represent the product but does not have a sales target. They also work on events on temporary basis such as daily, weekly or monthly.

SPG Outsourcing

SPG that are placed within client’s company for a certain time, generally long term 6-12 months

Umbrella Girl

Consist of young, scantily clad women standing next to a racer on the grid, shielding racer from the sun who has the task of providing an umbrella for racers in motorbike and car races

SPG Regular

SPG who works routinely/regularly remotely on clients’ side. Usually at the counter/supermarket (over the counter)

Brand Ambassador

Iconic models that have a big role in the company brand and are generally public figures.


MC also known as the Master of Ceremony, has the task of hosting the event. They are also often called protocols at the event. They guide and run the rundown at a particular event.

Caddy Girl

Helping golf players prepare equipment, picking up balls, measuring the course, and accompanying golf players

Pagar Ayu

Row of women receiving guests at a wedding event.


Function of Sales Promotion Personnel


Event Planner

  • Budgeting your event before the event starts
  • Visualize your event plan in a timeline
  • Create an actionable event planning checklist to track event tasks for smoother planning
  • Easily see which tasks depend on others and remove blockers before they cause scheduling issues.
  • Share status updates
  • Proactively manage vendor lists and guest relations

Brand Activation


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